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Checkout the Razer Nommo Pro review

Back at CES in January of 2018, Razer declared the arrival of three new work area gaming speakers; the passage level Nommo, the RGB "Chroma" adaptation I checked on in May, and the lead THX-ensured 2.1 Nommo Pro (See it on Amazon) I'm taking a gander at here. The initial two were accessible on Razer's site not long after the declaration, however we've gone from the most brief long periods of the year to the longest before the Pro form hit the racks. The greatest and baddest Nommo have at last discovered their way into my test chamber, otherwise known as home office, so here's my full report.
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Razer Nommo Pro – Design and Features

The Razer Nommo Pro are a 2.1-station speaker framework, which means they're brandishing separate left and right satellite speakers and a subwoofer. Both the satellites and the sub shun the conventional box-molded speaker plan for a round and hollow tube. Not at all like the standard Nommo speakers, the Pro element a second round and hollow speaker walled in area over each satellite, influencing them to resemble a weapon with an extension joined. The base of each satellite likewise offers RGB lighting impacts, adjustable through Razer's Synapse programming.

The partition of the woofer and tweeter permits the mid and high frequencies to be replicated with more exactness. In a solitary driver setup the woofer needs to imitate everything, and keeping in mind that it is conceivable, it isn't perfect. Tweeters, which are littler than the woofers, are more proficient at playing high recurrence sounds and can play those frequencies with greater lucidity.

The subwoofer is additionally barrel shaped and has one down-terminating seven-inch woofer on the base and a port on the best. Similarly tweeters are more skilled at dealing with the top of the line, subwoofers are worked to direct out the low frequencies. This enables the Nommo Pro to get down to 20Hz, the low end of human hearing. On the back of the subwoofer are associations for the two satellite speakers, the control pod, an optical-in, a USB port, a power catch, and the power link. The front of the sub has the Razer logo in a downplayed dark on-dark decal.

The control unit circle that joins to the sub lays around your work area and has material controls. There's a reserve/control catch focused on top that additionally goes about as a quiet catch when squeezed rapidly. The external ring turns to control volume and there are lights around the best that enlighten as volume goes here and there. The front of the case has an information select catch to effortlessly change between USB, optical, Bluetooth, and simple. There's likewise the 3.5mm aux in (the simple information) and an earphone jack. At the point when an earphone is connected to, the volume and quiet controls work for them. The link that interfaces the control unit to the sub is more than 8 feet long so you can position your sub more remote far from your work area if vital. A cushion on the base of the unit shields it from sliding around your work area, which is a helpful element.

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To get full usefulness out of the Nommo Pro speakers, you'll have to download the Razer Synapse 3 work area programming. This will be recognizable to anybody that as of now has any Razer peripherals. It goes about as a center point for the greater part of your Razer apparatus and adds more usefulness to the Nommo Pro than you can gain with the power unit.


Under the sound tab you can control volume of the info source, and there's additionally a bass lift control that reaches from 0 to 100 (50 is the default), and evening out choices from THX and (Dolby Game, Dolby Movie, and Dolby Music) or a 8-band EQ with three presets. The lighting tab controls the splendor and lighting impacts like breathing (where it beats picked or arbitrary hues), a rush of hues that circle the base, pushing through the shading range, or a static shading.

More detailed lighting can be modified with the Chroma Studio which works best while making a shading layout to work over the majority of your Razer Chroma adapt. This is the place you can actualize lighting that coordinates with various recreations, for example, FFXV, Fortnite, or Elder Scrolls Online. The larger part of this mix is pointed towards consoles and mice, however, with keys illuminating when a capacity is invigorated or particular development keys lit up in a particular shading like WASD.


A few diversions, for example, Doom, will light every gadget with a similar shading when an activity is performed...

A few recreations, for example, Doom, will light every gadget with a similar shading when an activity is performed, similar to a blast of blue when you get a headshot. There are at present 100 authority incorporations that will consequently stack with an amusement as long as Synapse 3 is running. Five outsider mixes require a different application download and dispatch for each amusement.

On the off chance that you have an Android or iOS gadget, there's a portable application accessible for download. In the application you can turn reserve mode on and off, select the info, alter volume and bass reaction, and select any EQ profile. On the off chance that you disengage the speakers from Synapse on your PC, the brisk lighting impacts (breathing, wave, range, and static) can be balanced inside the application. Any more profound programming than that should be finished with Synapse."

Generally speaking, the application is a slick thought however quite pointless.

Generally speaking, the application is a slick thought however quite pointless. In case you're sitting at your work area there's no motivation to utilize the application since you have every one of the controls actually readily available, so its helpfulness is restricted to when you're not at your PC. This makes one wonder for what reason you'd need to change your speaker settings when you're not at your PC? The main situation I can imagine is in case you're utilizing Bluetooth on your telephone and strolling around. I just utilized it to alter the volume when tuning in to music from a couple of feet away since I had officially settled on the bass reaction and EQ that I favored.

Razer Nommo Pro – Testing and Gaming

To test the Nommo Pro I instantly opened up Battlefront II to touch off some lightsabers and bring down a few Imperials. I began with the "THX" EQ setting with the bass lift at its default 50 and observed it to be excessively for me. Subsequent to flipping it a bit I settled on 30 as a decent thundering background without the bass overwhelming the midrange. The situational mindfulness I encountered with the Nommo Pro was phenomenal. I could undoubtedly aurally recognize foes to one side or right and swing to assault with Luke's saber.
There was still some sloppiness to the lower mids and it seemed like there was a plunge in the recurrence reaction at the hybrid from the satellite's woofer to the sub. Fortunately that didn't influence the vocal range excessively and gab between characters was clear. I attempted the other amusement EQ modes however I wasn't awed. The Dolby Game setting included a lot of treble that sounded piercing and unnatural to my ears. The "amusement" setting under the EQ was comparable, in spite of the fact that it additionally included some bass that I didn't discover essential. For whatever is left of my gaming time I stayed with the THX profile.

Battelfield 1 was a comparative affair to Star Wars. The sound field before me had awesome size and profundity to it and the arrangement of projectiles zooming through the air was extremely exact. I cut the bass lift down somewhat more as it felt that it was blended somewhat higher than it was in Battlefront. The sub still gave awesome thunder as I drove around a tank and mortars detonated outside. It certainly got my heart pumping.


The sound field before me had incredible size and profundity to it and the situation of slugs zooming through the air was exceptionally exact.

When I changed to hear some out music tracks I changed over to the Dolby Music setting and was baffled. The vocals sounded removed and stifled, the bass was fluffy, and the highs were coarse. Changing to the custom EQ alternative aided altogether. Chris Cornell's vocals on Spoonman were presently up front. The bass was somewhat unfocused and I could hear the recurrence plunge at the hybrid point once more (sounded to be around 120Hz), which I couldn't settle with the 8-band EQ. Is anything but a colossal blemish however, and it didn't diminish much from the general listening background.

There is some top of the line sizzle that was extremely clear on Nuthin' But A G Thang. I found that it constrained the volume I could serenely play the track. There wasn't any flag debasement when music was played over Bluetooth. Matching with my telephone was staggeringly simple (simply switch the speaker contribution to Bluetooth and select it from my found gadget list), and the control pod controlled the volume yield of my iPhone."

The Nommo Pro can truly direct out the volume.

The Nommo Pro can truly draw out the volume. When gaming I once in a while went over 50-60 and still felt completely submerged. For music I exited it at 30-35 so there's a lot of volume on tap here.

Since each satellite is permeated with Chroma lighting, I focused on it amid gaming and found the lighting choices on the Nommo Pro are somewhat unnecessary. The diversion mix is constrained, however when it reacts to activities in something like Doom it's a decent expansion. Past that, having a sparkle from the speaker base while playing in a dim room can include some cool climate, and in the event that you are as of now an individual from the Razer family having your peripherals connected by shading is entirely cool.

At last, I additionally as of late looked into the $200 Logitech G560, so how do the two analyze? The Nommo Pro certainly solid superior to the Logitech. There's more bass augmentation (I think the Logitech had a huge drop off around 50Hz and the Pro drops more like 20Hz), and there's better EQ customizability. THX is a decent reward, as well. Be that as it may, would they say they are "more than twice as costly as the Logitech" better? Not in the slightest degree, and in the event that you don't have other Razer gadgets to adjust the lighting with the speakers the sticker price is much harder to swallow. By and large the Nommo Pro's valuing is more inline with home theater bookshelf speakers.

Razer Nommo Pro – Purchasing Guide

The Razer Nommo Pro has a MSRP of $499, and since they're fresh out of the plastic new that is a similar value you'll see them for on Amazon. They will probably be out of stock however, so you can simply get them on Razer's site also:

The Razer Nommo Pro, which was divulged at CES not long ago, is currently accessible for £500 from the Razer store. Different retailers are before long to take after. The following, is Vaughn's hands-on with the item.

With regards to purchasing PC speakers, there's a relatively unending measure of decision out there, with a value go that ranges from underneath £10 up to whatever you'd jump at the chance to pay. The inconvenience is that once you begin going after the higher end, you're going into home silver screen framework region.

That is the place the Razer Nommo Pro comes in. Declared at CES 2018 close by its littler kin, the Razer Nommo and Razer Nommo Chroma, the Razer Nommo Pro is a 2.1 setup outlined particularly for premium gaming setups. Pitched as a "no-bargain" speaker setup, the Nommo Pros are the devoted gaming speakers from Razer intended to offer preferable range and clearness over the Razer Leviathan soundbar that is as of now accessible.

It's important that, as the superior speaker in Razer's Nommo go, the Pro is altogether more completely highlighted than the Razer Nommo and Nommo Chroma. Thus, I will center around my opportunity with the Nommo Pro, yet I'll contact upon the other two for relative reasons.

Purchase the Razer Nommo Pro from the Razer store

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I'll come to the heart of the matter. Similarly as with everything Razer, the Nommo Pro isn't shabby. You can get the Razer Nommo for a sensible £110 and the Nommo Chroma at £170, yet the Nommo Pro will set you back an at first eye-watering £500.

I know, I can hear your jaw hit the floor as of now. Be that as it may, likewise with everything Razer, the soliciting cost is demonstrative from the quality you're receiving consequently. Beside the Chroma alternatives of the Nommo Chroma, the Nommo and Nommo Chroma are indistinguishable. Both accompany woven glass-fiber 3in drivers, incorporated back confronting bass ports and natural volume and bass controls to guarantee your EQ dependably remains level.

The Nommo Pro, in any case, utilizes Dupont-covered Kevlar fiber drivers and silk-woven tweeters to guarantee, Razer claims, the cleanest and crispest sound comes through. Dissimilar to the Nommo and Nommo Chroma, the Nommo Pro is THX-guaranteed and accompanies Dolby Virtual Surround Sound to imitate a 5.1 setup. There's likewise a barrel shaped descending shooting subwoofer to guarantee your neighbors or friends and family can hear the bass of that quick firing rifle you're displaying.

As far as availability, the Nommo Pro backings USB, Optical, Bluetooth and 3.5mm jack associations, alongside a different control unit to effortlessly get to volume and source controls and furnish you with an earphone jack that isn't around the back of your PC.

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Razer Nommo Pro survey: Design and highlights

On the outline front, the Razer Nommo Pro is an abnormal brute. It looks part speed weapon, part Star Wars blaster but the lion's share of its outline is totally commonsense. The upward inclination of its barrel shaped primary body is, as far as anyone knows, intended to boost ideal sound yield and is an immediate aftereffect of working with THX for speaker accreditation. The different tweeter is extinguished from the principle body to guarantee its sound isn't meddled with by the primary driver, enabling the fresh highs to be heard neatly finished all the activity.

The tube shaped nature of both the descending terminating subwoofer and the principle speakers is to make an even stream of air to make unfaltering sound. A similar plan standards have been used on the Razer Nommo and Nommo Chroma, regardless of whether they do not have every one of the highlights of the Nommo Pro.

In genuineness, I'm not exactly beyond any doubt the amount of this outline rule I purchase, yet it is irrefutable that these are extremely pleasant PC speakers. In my concise time with them, it's unmistakable they can create warm, rich sound when tuning in to music or viewing Netflix, yet would then be able to increase to convey the ideal sound setup you'd requirement for an aggressive session of Overwatch, PUBG or notwithstanding something immersive like the forthcoming PC arrival of Final Fantasy XV.

Razer says it's planned these speakers to work best in short-toss circumstances, basically meaning your fundamental PC setup condition. In any case, they figured out how to convey sound from the opposite side of the Razer stall on a bustling CES indicate floor, so Razer is plainly overseeing desires here.

On initial introductions, the Razer Nommo Pro appears to be an incredible expansion to Razer's line of PC peripherals. The speaker scene can be a precarious one to break at the same time, obviously, Razer isn't keeping down. My solitary concern is that at first soak value point. At £500, you truly need to need the best gaming setup out there. It's a hell of significantly more than most other 5.1 setups available.

Purchase the Razer Nommo Pro from the Razer store

The Razer Nommo and Nommo Chroma, then again, offer a significant enticing recommendation. At sub-£200, they speak to a strong interest in not too bad PC speakers that, on account of the Nommo Chroma, coordinate rather pleasantly into your Razer-filled gaming setup.

Likewise with all Razer items, regardless of which one you settle on, you won't be disillusioned. I, for one, can hardly wait to give the Razer Nommo Pro an appropriate going over not long from now.

The Verdict

Generally speaking the Razer Nommo Pro stable incredible. While there are a couple of issues – in particular the to some degree soft bass, and highs that can get somewhat cruel – those issues are minor in the fantastic plan of things and the Nommos kept me completely drew in when I utilized them for gaming. The greatest issue is their $500 sticker price. On the off chance that you don't have other Razer items to incorporate with the lighting the sticker price is out and out high.


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