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Checkout Sherwood R-904N NetBoxx Review


With these Blu-beam players and HDTVs pulling twofold obligation, it would just bode well that spilling media would stream down to different parts in your blend. Albeit many should think about another beneficiary to be a bit of hindsight, it's hard not to see Sherwood's R-904N NetBoxx. This smooth, super recipient conveys unraveling for the majority of the most recent and most noteworthy sound organizations, while likewise including gushing media into its blend of traps.
sherwood r 904n netboxx review r904n

Out of the Box

Sherwood probably won't be the main name you consider while thinking about another recipient. It's most likely not in any case the third name. Nonetheless, for what they need in mark acknowledgment and retail shows, they are compensating for with highlights in the NetBoxx.

To take a gander at this unit is to realize that Sherwood positively isn't messing around. At 17 by 2.88 by 12 inches, this unit is somewhat bulkier than a Blu-beam player, yet truly sharp looking in a polished dark (it additionally comes in white) with smooth, bended edges. Blinding blue LEDs light up from the front, featuring manual controls for control, reserve, sound and video inputs, encompass sound and stereo modes, and volume. There are additionally jacks for USB gadgets, earphones, a helper gadget, and the included setup receiver.

The back of the unit is a play area for A/V nerds, highlighting three HDMI inputs, another USB opening, a system Ethernet association, and a lot of segment, composite, advanced sound and optical ports for the majority of your A/V treats to join the gathering – even in various rooms. Truth is stranger than fiction; beside the 7.1 speakers you could be shaking in your principle listening zone, the R-904N additionally has two jacks that can play an alternate source in another territory of the house.


In the event that you let us know there was a cotton-sweet catch in favor of the NetBoxx, it wouldn't be a major astonishment. This unit does its best to do everything. As a matter of first importance, however, it's a recipient. For A/V handling, the organization called upon Texas Instruments – three times. The unit incorporates two 32-bit computerized flag processors (DA787 and D788) for sound and the TMS320DM6446 advanced media processor for video.

Beside being the center point for your A/V treats, the NetBoxx packs in web goodness for an interminable wellspring of excitement. The unit not just obstacles sound and video from your home PC, however can take advantage of CinemaNow, YouTube, TV channels, SHOUTcast web radio, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Video On Demand, Rhapsody, and different outlets. Gracious better believe it, it likewise does FM radio, as well

Why have two contraptions when you can have one that does two things? The appropriate response, obviously, is the point at which that one thing doesn't do both of its two errands well - the Jack of All Trades Syndrome. At the point when Sherwood disclosed to us a year ago it was making a beneficiary that had worked in arrange playback capacities, which means we could jettison our media streamers (modest however they might be), we were normally stirred. Numerous months on we've at long last had an opportunity to put one through hell and, on the off chance that you navigate, you can read our impressions of this thin and interestingly styled sound/video beneficiary - and discover why we'll be reluctantly snaring our devoted streamers back up.

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R-904N NetBoxx


Spotless, thin designEasy installationComprehensive auto-tuning


Poor video qualityPlayOn not includedSlow boot-up

Out of the crate

The R-904N doesn't look much like any legitimate beneficiary we've seen before - and that is not a direct result of this current one's smooth white shading. (Truly, it's likewise accessible in dark.) Dimensions of 17-x 10-x 2.5-inches make this about a large portion of the span of the Onkyo unit we pulled to account for it, however with 700 aggregate watts of intensity spread more than 7.1 channels it surely has the power and the yields to oversee most mid-go home amusement frameworks easily. It has the sources of info, as well, with full HDMI exchanging crosswise over three ports, part and composite video input, and computerized sound over persuade and optical ports.

The most outstanding contributions here are the ones you may not be accustomed to seeing on a collector: a couple of USB (one on the front, one on the back) and an Ethernet jack. Module a thumb drive and the gadget will serve up your sound and video records through a basic interface, or associate it to your system (either wired or with an included 802.11g connector) to pull content from over the web from sources like YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix, or you can hush up sound and video from a neighborhood DLNA server. More on that in one minute.

Setting up the Netboxx is about as simple or agonizing as some other recipient. The svelte measurements do make stuffing every one of your connectors in the back more of an issue, however that is compensated for by a light weight - you can simply hold it in one hand and connect everything to with the other. Once our speaker wire was clasped in and we were certain we had the positive leads on the correct posts we associated the included omnidirectional receiver, put it at listening stature and, following a couple of minutes of static impacts, the unit auto-arranged itself capability. We observed the low recurrence yield to be somewhat frail after this auto-tuning, however mother dependably said we loved excessively bass.

Regardless of an absence of on-screen menus for allocating video contributions to sound information sources it didn't take us long to get everything designed. The remote is typically catch substantial and feeble inclination, and it has a format that isn't especially instinctive, however Harmony proprietors likely won't be annoyed much by that.

It's important that the R-904N has what must be depicted as a horrendous parcel of blue LEDs on the front. They sparkle down onto the floor, shine from behind the primary power switch, and light up the five touch-touchy catches on the right. Obviously this isn't a recipient for the individuals who burrow nuance.


So as a collector the Netboxx hits all the correct imprints, however the enormous news here is the capacity to go about as an arranged media player on account of VuNow. Tragically things wouldn't go so well here. Interfacing with the system was totally torment free and we were gushing YouTube cuts in minutes, yet showing signs of improvement content online took somewhat more setup. Those streams are given by the PlayOn server programming, which must be introduced on a machine elsewhere on the nearby system - a Windows machine, mind. In case you're on Mac or Linux you're up the creek without a paddle.

PlayOn associates with Netflix, Hulu, and various other online suppliers, and keeping in mind that you can get a free multi day preliminary, you'll have to front another $40 to prop your gushing up after that. Is it justified, despite all the trouble? Unfortunately not for this situation. Video quality on the R-904N was for the most part poor, with some noteworthy pressure impacts lumping up all that we had a go at spilling. YouTube recordings accessible online in HD looked like mid-'90s webcam stuff, and keeping in mind that HD Netflix recordings looked better, they absolutely weren't HD. To guarantee this wasn't PlayOn or system related we spilled a similar substance onto a Xbox 360 through PlayOn and the outcomes were considerably more pleasant looking.

We at last got the chance to put our hands and eyes on the new Sherwood R-904n NetBoxx Receiver. Presently there is a barely recognizable difference between extra usefulness and a Swiss Army Knife. While individuals love Swiss Army Knives, few would think of them as the exemplification of blade dom. What they like about them is what number of various assignments they can assist with. In any case, when you are hacking veggies or fileting a fish, do you go after your Swiss Army Knife? Didn't think so.

This is the peril that producers of AV adapt keep running into. They need to include usefulness in light of the fact that, not exclusively does separate them from different contributions, it is something that individuals need. In the event that they can discover a bit of rigging that does the activity of two, well, they may will pay a premium. Be that as it may, include excessively usefulness, such a large number of various devices, and you chance over-confounding the gadget or more regrettable, giving up execution no matter how you look at it. The stage, "Handyman, ace of none" rings a bell. When you are purchasing a TV, nobody cares in the event that it streams Netflix or does your duties if the photo looks horrible.

There are two schools of thought in the beneficiary world - extensive and cumbersome or thin and smooth. Extensive and cumbersome draws in the more conventional purchaser who partners size and weight with highlights and enhancer control. The thin and smooth group have a tendency to be more inspired by space reserve funds than crude power yield and esteem feel over the dark square shape so regular with generally beneficiaries. Sherwood's R-904n unquestionably falls into the "smooth and thin" camp. Look at it:

R-904 NetBoxx calculated

Beneficiaries have for some time been the brains of the home theater. At first, everything they did was exchanging, enhancement, and tuning (radio). These days, for some, this is the place everything from changing to enhancement to scaling to spilling is occurring. Beneficiaries are upconverting and upscaling video, they are upconverting signals starting with one info compose then onto the next, they are unraveling sound arrangements, and they are prepared to get earthly, as well as HD and satellite radio. Sherwood is hoping to get in on these new highlights with the R-904n NetBoxx.

At somewhat more than 10 pounds and the tallness of numerous DVD players, the R-904n NetBoxx will fit in most any establishment. The corners are adjusted with a marginally counterbalanced front presentation. There are a couple of controls on the front yet all are catches rather than the customary handles. Additionally included on the front board is a USB port under an elastic cover and Aux 3.5mm jack. Both of these are awesome for including gadgets like MP3 players or other outside capacity mediums. One thing that is absent from the front of the unit is any kind of customary info. We would have gotten a kick out of the chance to have seen a HDMI port here for those with camcorders or other such gadgets.

The real catches shine blue when fueled on alongside the power catch and a vanity light that looks to us like it may illuminate a lot. This vanity light enlightens the lower half of the unit for the greater part the width of the beneficiary. While we welcome the tasteful estimation of the catches, there is something to be said for the unadulterated usefulness of the volume handle. While not precisely a pummel against the R-904n since more often than not the control will be by means of the remote, it deserves a specify.

The back of the R-904N NetBoxx is extremely an exercise is space sparing. We were extremely inspired that Sherwood was capable not exclusively to get the same number of associations as they backed there, yet how well they laid them hard and fast. On the correct side of the back are all the 5-way restricting presents for up on seven speakers. With this shape factor you for the most part expect a 5.1 offering so the additional two channels are certainly a check in the "Star" section for the R-904n. From the left side you'll locate an earthbound radio wire association, 3/1 HDMI in/out, 2 urge and 1 optical computerized sound data sources, a DegiLink input, and a subwoofer pre-out. There is a second USB port and in addition a LAN association. Four simple stereo sources of info are accessible and two Component and two Composite video. There both Component and Composite video yields. From an information/yield outlook, almost no has be let alone for the R-904n.


Since you have everything snared, what do you have? All things considered, as per Sherwood, 700 watts of intensity - as per the specs estimated 110W x 7 (1kHz, THD 1%)@6ω/1 Channel which is code for "fine and dandy with 8 ohm speakers however don't push it too hard." What we preferred was that you can utilize the encompass back channels for a second zone. In a collector with this shape factor, you wouldn't expect Zone 2 bolster. Additionally included is an auto alignment program and mic, Dolby Volume, and local unraveling of all the present sound organizations. Missing was any kind of video upconversion. We're not simply discussing upconversion and scaling to 1080p, yet changing over from part to HDMI. So in the event that you have a segment video input, you'll need to run a part link to your presentation.

What, obviously, is the specialty of the R-904n NetBoxx is it's gushing capacity. First you can stream content from the USB interface. There is an Ethernet port for a wired association however Sherwood likewise incorporates a 802.11g connector. This gets you on your home system with the goal that you can stream content from associated PCs or the Internet.


Sherwood positively has gotten the frame factor appropriate with the R-904n NetBoxx. While the lights may be somewhat exaggerated, the feel and size appear to be on point. The collector capacities all appear there with Dolby Volume, used to keep the volume consistent, including a quite vital advantage. We could truly observe this unit fitting right in a family room in a contemporary setting. While the gushing capacity is entirely cool, we don't know it includes as much as no video change takes away. In any case, if every one of your gadgets are HDMI, perhaps it won't be an issue. With a remote association, the system content turns out to be considerably more appealing. For those searching for a little box, splendid lights, and gushing with the capacity to extend to a second zone, the Sherwood R-904n NetBoxx may be the arrangement.

Video played over the neighborhood organize and by means of associated stockpiling improved - still not in the same class as on a Xbox 360 or PS3, mind, yet better - and perusing photographs is snappy and responsive, yet we experienced periodic issues with higher-res video records having the sound and video escape match up or begin to stammer. At that point there's the stacking screen, displayed when you select the VuNow input and going on for something near an entire moment. That hold up is to some degree limited by a peculiar yet alleviating video of mists joined by an extremely emotional piece of Beethoven (Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125 "Choral," to be exact). You'll be perplexed to the point that hold up time will coast appropriate by... in any event the initial couple of times.


What we have here is a superbly thin (if to some degree conspicuously lit up) and consummately equipped collector with a fairly unremarkable arranged media player worked in. That Sherwood fit everything into such a light and thin bundling is noteworthy, however the gushing video execution is baffling. Sound playback and photograph seeing is very worthy, notwithstanding, so if that is what you're into then you'll be fulfilled here. Its sub-$500 cost at a few retailers isn't totally out of the ballpark contrasted with different gadgets in its class, yet you can spare a couple of bills if have space for a different media streamer - and for a customarily monstrous a/v recipient, as well.


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