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Why The Magnum Ui6 is my Choice

The Magnum Ui6 is an overhauled venture through adaptation of the more seasoned Ui5 and more fundamental than the fancier Ui6+. Notwithstanding, it imparts a great deal in like manner to these bicycles so in the event that you read my past audits on them you may see some parallel data. In any case, I will get out the new changes as we come. For instance, the edge gets knock down a size from the Ui6+. This is a 18" outline rather than a 19" outline. This progressions the wheels to a 26" versus a 28" wheel on the Ui6+. It makes for a considerably more congenial casing and even has somewhat more solace with these more extensive tires having more air volume (the Ui6+ has taller, progressively tight tires).
Magnum Ui6 Electric Bike Review

The tires here are a lot of Schwalbe Big Ben at 26" x 1.5" with both intelligent sidewall striping and cut security. This makes the edge just somewhat heavier than the in addition to form, the standard Ui6 here gauges 60.1lbs aggregate. In general the Ui6 is a "urban" model with a semi-incorporated battery and other driving highlights… It's one of my most loved ebikes from their line since it looks extraordinary, is appropriate to city riding or driving with a decent estimated engine and battery and has a moderately spotless cockpit that is anything but difficult to utilize. There are a couple of issues with the bicycle including restricted access to the charging port and USB outlet (when the battery mounted), just one brake switch with an engine cutoff switch, a free back light that requires AA batteries versus being wired in and constrained throttle control (you can just get as much power as the degree of help you're in so it's not so much a supersede). In any case, given the entirely sensible $1,699 value point, reason constructed outline, adjusted weight circulation, clean wire joining, plate brakes, suspension fork, included bumpers, rack, and the strong one year guarantee this is certainly a champ in my book. Different highlights incorporate container confine supervisors, a sticker slap monitor, and flexible length kickstand.

The engine is moved up to a 500-750 watt inside outfitted center mounted in the back wheel. It's amazing and gets the bicycle going much superior to anything the 350 watt variant gratitude to the 90nm of torque. I like that for the Ui6 they picked a dark variant to coordinate the spokes, edges and battery. The engine hums a piece contingent upon the degree of intensity you're applying however it's not too uproarious, nor is it overwhelming. The engine is locked in by means of either the thin trigger throttle or through rhythm based pedal help with the assistance of the 12 magnet fixed rhythm sensor. There's a 7 speed tape with a Shimano Altus derailleur there with a derailleur watchman and I cherish that it utilizes trigger shifters. 7 velocities is average for neighborhood or city riding and on the off chance that you keep the chain lubed and drop in for an infrequent tuneup everything should last. I particularly like the aluminum compound slam watch on the front chainring in light of the fact that it shields your jeans or dress from getting oily or caught. Halting the bicycle is set of mechanical circle brakes with 180mm in the front and 160mm in the back. I do like coordinating sets, yet the front wheel needs most of the halting force, so it bodes well here.

Controlling the Magnum Ui6 electric bicycle is a flawlessly semi-incorporated Lithium-particle battery pack. The downtube is mostly removed so as to sink the pack "inside" which gives greater security and quality while at the same time bringing down the focal point of mass. It's not exactly as perfect as the pack on Easy Motion or Stromer models yet for an "esteem" offering it's a standout amongst other I've seen to date. The battery is an overhauled 48v 13ah pack rather than the old Ui5 that simply has a 36v pack. A couple of other "additional items" on the battery incorporate a coordinated LED power level pointer (that isn't particularly helpful when mounted to the casing since it's not splendid and is hindered by the downtube) and a USB charging port. I realize I've focused on this before and in the video audit above however it would be decent if the outlet was set at the highest point of the pack rather than the base so it could be come to and utilized all the more securely while riding. The way things are, the port is dubiously near the chainring and wrench arms.

Turning on the showcase itself is truly basic and requires a long press of the M on the autonomous catch cushion. When the showcase turns on, the Ui6 is prepared to ride. At the point when the bicycle is on, the throttle is live. Only a suggestion to please make an effort to remain cautious with this as I have incidentally enacted throttles like this before and had the bicycle fled from me, and once determined a bicycle into the side of my vehicle (it was at low speeds so no harm). I like this showcase since it edges a piece, is illuminated, has a USB Type A port and gives the greater part of the appropriate data I need to find in a firm, straightforward way. When the presentation is enacted, I can explore through the pedal help modes (1-5) with the here and there bolts and switch through various showcase choices by tapping the M secure and holding the catch. To enter settings, I hold the all over bolt. Entirely clear and I likewise like that the catches are material and give a decent grasp, and that they have material criticism when they are discouraged so I can feel what's going on without looking.

To aggregate everything up… the value truly makes this bicycle sparkle yet regardless of whether it weren't so moderate the coordinating paint, incorporated wires, redesigned batteries and different additional items like the lights truly set it apart. Indeed, you need to physically actuate those lights yet they are very top notch originating from Spanninga. The suspension fork includes a great deal of solace and offers preload alter under these plastic tops. A major success also is the suspension seat post too with pressure modify and 40mm of movement. I cherish the shading and the flexible stem, this ebike will fit a more extensive scope of riders and for the individuals who need to drive or get things done the rack was exceptionally great also. I do like the circle brakes on the Ui6 however was a little amazed that they just incorporate one switch with an engine inhibitor. I don't know how a lot of cash that spares, it likely diminishes jumble in advance however I'd pick two and after that possibly get a lot of coordinating brake rotors on the off chance that I could transform anything here. By and large it's a noteworthy item and unmistakably refined so I might want to express gratitude toward Magnum for allowing me the chance to look at it.

As usual, I invite questions and criticism in the remark segment beneath. Regardless of whether you claim the bicycle, have stepped through an exam ride, or are fresh out of the box new to the space, I will likely give a target and genuine asset. You can likewise join the Magnum ebike discussions and offer your very own photographs, recordings, and survey updates to help other people! Have a great time out there, and ride safe :)


The battery verifies to the edge well, looks great and is anything but difficult to take on and off despite the fact that it's genuinely cozy underneath the top cylinder (since it slides out to the side), appears to be all around ensured by the edge if there should be an occurrence of tips

7 speed Shimano Altus works incredible, the bicycle truly has a competent framework both precisely and electrically, extraordinary to see on such a worth valued bicycle

Truly reasonable for a reason assembled electric bicycle with a one year guarantee, updated battery 48v 13ah size and 500 watt engine

Offers throttle and pedal help, the controls are genuinely conservative and reachable in the cockpit, show is easy to utilize and simple to peruse

Convey rack and bumper set are durable and make an incredible option, the element of LED lights here includes extraordinary utility for driving

Agreeable and delicate ride given the bigger and more extensive 26" x 1.5" tires, SunTour suspension fork and Selle Royale saddle

Pleasant hues, even the suspension fork and grasps coordinate, this isn't generally the situation with lower valued electric bicycles

The engine and battery offer extraordinary power for a US electric bicycle however the battery is quite bigger than standard with 13 amp hours versus only 10 on generally models


The charging port for the battery is situated close to the wrench arm when the battery is charging while mounted to the bicycle, the pedals here could get caught so be aware of that.

The LED lights are extraordinary however it would be decent if both were incorporated (the back light requires two AA batteries), every one additionally must be physically turned on versus utilizing the presentation to do it

The inside mounted kickstand can create 'pedal lock', an irritating event that happens when you switch a bicycle with the kickstand down and the wrench turns back and strikes the kickstand, making the bicycle lock up until you push it forward a piece and stow the kickstand back up

Just the left brake switch includes a coordinated engine inhibitor, on the off chance that you press the correct switch to stop it will in any case actuate the back plate brake however the engine may proceed in light of the fact that pedal help is somewhat postponed


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